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About Stanley Machine Tools

STANLEY MACHINE TOOLS are pioneers in riveting technology in India since 1971. We offer you a wide range of Precision User Friendly Riveting Machines, Attachments, Modular heads, Toolings, Jigs and Fixtures and also Special Purpose Machines. Our main philosophy from the very beginning is to offer you a proper solution for your riveting applications, and is reflected in our vast range of riveting machines with more than 25 models and can be further extended to meet your requirements.


Stanley Machine Tools was founded in 1971 by Mr. S. J. Alves from scratch, with the initial activities of tool room, wherein high precision toolings, fixtures, plastic injection molding dies, bakelite compression molding dies, precision machined components, Precision press components have been manufactured and supplied to IBM World Trade Corporation, one of the leading international computer manufacturing company, backed by the experience of machine tool manufacturing, reconditioning, maintenance and tool room experience. The company initially ventured to manufacture machine tools like ‘STANLEY’ Spin Cum Hammer type Riveting Machines and ‘STANLEY’ Auto Rivet Feed and Eyeleting Machines. These machines at the time, were the latest technology being imported to India at that time. As these machines were being imported, manufacturing these machines in India saved substantial foreign exchange of the country.

In response to the market demand, we later introduced Precision, High Tech, and Noiseless Electronic Gyroscopic Creep Riveting Machines, incorporating the latest logic control modes available in any part of the world. With capacity’s mow ranging from 1 mm to 20mm diameter in the standard range. However Special Purpose Machines have been developed up to 80 mm diameter in M.S.

At present these machines encompass the present range, and carry out silent forming of rivet heads with reduced thrust rate over conventional methods, the grain structure is not disturbed and the rivet head is neatly formed. The advantage being that the power consumption is greatly reduced and the rivet strength is greatly enhanced.

The machine is also equipped with a micromatic stop, which is accurate up to 0.01mm. The advantage of all this is that once the working parameters have been set, ie. time, stroke, and the riveting force required for the job; your riveting operation now becomes a unskilled operation eliminating your dependency upon the skill of the operator. The result being an increase in production by up to 200% over the conventional riveting process and a drastic reduction in rejection rates which makes precision assemblies economical.

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We are proud to state that we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The certificate is valid for the scope in “Design, Development, Manufacturing & Supply of Riveting machine”

Stanley Machine Tools ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company