Gp Series Orbital Riveting Machine

Gp Series Orbital Riveting Machine

Standard Features and accessories provided with GP series Spin Riveting Machine.


  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Strong orbital rivet head formation
  • Superior quality riveting
  • High Productivity
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Set operate (Jog) selector switch
  • T-slot on bolster plate
  • Micromatic stop for precise stroke length adjustment in 0.01 mm increments
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality riveted head formation
  • Stepless adjustment of riveting pressure
  • Long life riveting tools
  • Simple riveting tools, easily exchanged
  • All shapes of riveting head possible
  • Simple rivet holders, mostly without clamping of the rivets or work pieces

Optional features include

  • Two hand safety control
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Work Lamp
  • Machine with extra throat depth
  • For special Riveting Heads, Multi Spindle Riveting
  • Heads/Machines, Riveting Unit Heads, Riveting
  • Attachments, Pressure Pads, Job Holding
  • Fixtures, Special ‘C’ Tools, Toolings, etc…


MODEL G-10P G-12P G-16P
Solid rivet size in MS (EN1A) 3mm to 10mm Ø 6mm to 12mm Ø 8mm to 16mm Ø
Hollow rivet size in MS and non-ferrous solid rivets 3mm to 15mm Ø 6mm to 18mm Ø 8mm to 20mm Ø
Stroke 0mm - 50mm 0mm - 50mm 0mm - 50mm
Working Pressure 2 to 7 kg/cm2 2 to 5 kg/cm2 2 to 7kg/cm2
Motor HP 3ph 415/450 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP
Throat depth 160mm 200mm 200mm


Application Videos

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